Acid Thickener Manufacturers, Suppliers of Acid Thickener, Hydrochloric Acid thickener in India

Acid Thickener :
    Jangra Chemicals Acid Thickener is used for preparing high viscosity acid solution and thus works as acid thickener. Its usage in mainly for preparing liquid toilet cleaner having base hydrochloric acid.
    We are offering two below grades in acid thickeners:

    ATJAN 200- Suitable in Winters
    ATJAN 400- Suitable in Summers

    1.5% of the acid solution
Advantages of Jangra Chemicals Acid Thickener
  • Imparts very good viscosity at very low dosage.
  • Gives a stable product without any fear of separation later.
  • The product is almost colorless and transparent. This gives a very bright and sparkling final product.
  • Turns out to be very economical because of the low dose.
  • Easy to use readily miscible with water.
  • 30 Kg
  • 50 Kg
  • 200 Kg HDPE carboys
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