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Car Care Products :
Jangra Chemicals is engaged in offering an extensive range of Car Care Products. like Car Shampoo, Car Body Polish, Car Rubbing Compound, Car Windshield Cleaner, Tyre Polish, Dashboard Polish, Vinyl and Leather Cleaner etc. We have full range of superior and best in quality car care products available in bulk quantity to repack and sell at very competitive prices.
Car Shampoo
We are prominent manufacturer of various types of Car Shampoos as per client requirement. Car shampoos manufactured by us are excellent in quality and best in prices.Our Car Wash Shampoo is known for intelligent cleaning without leaving any streaks or water spots.
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Car Body Polish
Jangra Chemicals proudly presents itself as a prominent Manufacturer of high quality Car wax polish. Our polishes have blend of Carnauba Wax, durable resins, polymers, silicones and quality polishing powders. Our car polish forms a protective layer after 24 hours of applying, which helps to protect the vehicle surface from mild scratches and also helps to retain the shine longer.
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Glass & Windshield Cleaner
Glass and Windshield Cleaner is specially manufactured to clean automotive glass.It will give effortless cleaning to remove water spots, bug remains, dirt or any other very stubborn residue. It can be poured in windshield water storage tank of the vehicle by which it will give clear and crisp windshield on cleaning.
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Rubbing Compounds
Jangra Chemicals proudly presents itself as a prominent Manufacturer & Supplier of high quality Rubbing Compound. Our Rubbing Compound is ideal for fixing scratches on cars or motorcycles. It is the most effective and dual power (Clean & Shine) rubbing compound for compounding painted surface. Our Rubbing Compound can be applied for smooth & hard rubbing.
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Tyre Polish
Our Car Tyre Polish is based of premium silicones, solvents and is excellent for super darkening & shining of tyres, vinyl and rubber parts. Car TyrePolish is manufactured with ultra-advanced formula which increases life of tyre by preventing it from cracks as it lubricates rubber. Our Car Tyre Polish when used with care adds to the life of the tyres.
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Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Our Multi-purpose cleaner is highly concentrated solution that can be used to clean any part of vehicle effectively.Not this only, this can be used in household applications also. For example for cleaning tiles, toilet bowl, floor cleaning etc. Due to its highly concentrated form and cost effectiveness it is highly demanded by our clients.
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Interior Shiner and Freshener
Interior Shiner and Freshener is our specially formulated product for applying in interiors of car.This will give new like smooth shine giving gentle feeling. It consist dual power agents which will give shine as well as cleaning. Its aroma/ perfume is specially selected and added to give royal feeling while sitting in car.
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Silicone Polish
Our Silicone polish is specially formulated with high quality premium grade silicone oils.This is specifically manufactured for polishing every part of automotive vehicles.This will give instant and durable long lasting shine to chrome, rubber, leather, tyres etc.
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