Car Shampoo Manufacturer, Car Wash Supplier,Thick Car Cleaning shampoo in India

Car Shampoo :
We are prominent manufacturer of multiple grades of Car Shampoos as per client requirement. Car shampoos manufactured by Jangra Chemicals are excellent in quality and best in prices.Our Car Wash Shampoo is known for intelligent cleaning without leaving any streaks or water spots.

Grades in Car Shampoo:

Economical Car Shampoo - ECS-This grade is mostly suitable for garage as well as industrial use purposes.Due to its high concentration and much cost effectiveness it is high on demand.

Super Car Wash-SCW - Super car wash grade is specially formulated for those clients who demands quality as well low price.Super car wash is both safe on your hand as well as on surface of car.

Car Wax shampoo-DP - Car wax shampoo DP is suitable for customer who demands superior quality shampoo. This is formulated with ultra-advanced formulation having dual power agents for giving shine and also cleaning. Car shampoo DP is very safe for car and can be used with open hands. It gives intelligent cleaning without leaving any streaks or water spots after drying.

Concentrate Ratio - Available in 2x form, which means need to add two times water to make it ready.

  • 50 Kg
  • 200 Kg